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Enriched meals donated by Seva users

Feed Hungry Children With Every Search

Use Seva as your search engine and feed hungry
children with your searches (for free!)

How To Add Seva

You Search. We Feed

Seva is just like other search engines except: our profits are donated directly to meals for hungry people.

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You Search. We Feed

There are XXX million living in poverty right now. And humanity has enough food in the world to feed them. We just need the care to make it happen.


Seva means “selfless service” in Sanskrit. Helping others. This seva is an expression of our joy. Our care. We’re here to serve. May all beings in the world have enough food to eat.
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How It Works

1. Install Seva (Takes 10 Seconds)

2. You search the web as usual

3. Your searches generate money via ads

4. Profits from searches are donated to charity

5. The charities distribute meals to hungry children

How We Operate

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We’re a public benefit organization that publishes its financials every quarter. We know trust is a key part of making this vision a reality.
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Unlike other search engines, we don’t track you. We’re really just here to feed people.
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We’re here because we want to be a part of a solution for world hunger. No human should starve in this day and age.

Why use us instead of Google?

We have enough food to feed the world. But so far we don’t have enough heart. Using this search engine is an expression of the heart of humanity. That we’re here for each other. That no one will starve as long as there is enough food in the world. Oh and we don’t track you :). So you aren’t losing your privacy and data every day.

Try it for 30 days and see how good it feels to feed those in need
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Seva work?
    How does Seva work?

Pretty simple: you search, we feed.

Search engines like ours make money when people search and click on ads.

We then take the profits from your searches and give that directly to charities.

  • How do I make Seva my default search engine?
    How do I make Seva my default search engine?
  • Are your search results as good as google’s?
    Are your search results as good as google’s?
  • Do you track my searches?
    Do you track my searches?
  • Do you track my searches?
    Do you track my searches?